We dance free style, in as many styles as are people in the class. It’s just plain fun. There’s no choreography or special steps to copy.
If you don’t think of yourself as a dancing type, consider this: In the first part of class, you’ll be learning more about your body and its range of motion. By the time the dancing starts, your body will be open and ready to move naturally with enjoyment and ease.

The kind that has people scrambling to copy the playlist after class!  Jane’s musical range is legendary. She plays anything that people anywhere are dancing to: electronica, hip-hop, jazz, world, pop, rock, punk, funk and boundary defying – spanning most decades of the last century right up to last week.

There’s no dress code. Wear anything that feels comfortable and allows you to move freely. Bare feet are preferable. If shoes are necessary, please bring soft-soled shoes that you wear indoors only. The studio floor is beautiful: springy old maple with lots of give.

Not necessary. The studio is equipped with foam mats for floor work and foam blocks for facilitating certain positions.

Not really, though parts of the class will be familiar if you’ve studied yoga.  Jane’s class emphasizes movement –  releasing into movement and finding support while moving – as distinct from postures.

The class can be as vigorous or gentle as you need. The atmosphere is non-competitive. A valuable feature of the work is learning to sense your body deeply enough to recognize and respect your own limits. You will be encouraged to exercise and dance at your own pace and to use modifications when necessary.

Jane’s method places a consistent focus on core strengthening and alignment, which has proven helpful to people with back issues. Please let Jane know before class what your concerns are so she can advise on how to protect yourself.

Jane’s class is adaptable to all levels of fitness and experience.  How much or little you do is up to you. Regular participation will improve every aspect of your fitness and condition.

Yes. Aside from the overall benefits of stretching and conditioning, Jane’s method is grounded in movement principles that will reawaken your dance reflexes and impulses. The class affords many opportunities to work on your particular needs. And the improvisational nature of the dancing is wonderfully freeing.

You should be so lucky. But not that lucky . . . While women do tend to outnumber men, a steady stream of guys can be found in class.  Jane’s style appeals to all sexes and gender expressions. Get down tonight. Or this morning. Everyone’s welcome.

It’s up to you. Some people come faithfully twice a week, others once a week or less.  Some rare birds come 4 times a week, while others drop in sporadically. One of the pleasures of Jane’s Class is the interplay between constancy and freshness: the class will feel familiar even if you come infrequently, yet will hold your interest, week after week, with its spontaneity and variety.

No time limit, you can take as long as you need to use them.

The studio is in central Vancouver, B.C: one block east of Kingsway, two blocks east of Main Street, one block north of East Broadway.

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The public transit options are numerous.


Western Front is one Canada's first artist-run centres. It was founded in 1973 as a centre for experimental art practice and performance.  Jane’s class is in the ground floor dance studio, a beautiful space she shares with EDAM dance company.