“I like your no-nonsense teaching style, the depth of knowledge you have about bodies and movement, and the sheer unabashed joy you have about dance.  I have always felt welcome and included in your classes. ” —E. S.


“At my first class I was instantly in love with the guided freedom that you provided. Your classes gave me the courage to explore other forms of dance that I never would have dared to try before.” —L.C.


“I had the great fortune to meet you during one of the most difficult periods of my life. Not just my spine; my whole being needed realignment. Thank you for your gentle guidance and your fierce light.” —M. W.


“You are a master of bringing together diverse elements of body work, anatomy, psycho-physical wisdom, movement practice, and your own experience and intuition into a program that works for a group whose abilities cover the whole range.” —N.S.


“You’ve challenged my brain’s stubborn assertion that exercise is heinous and to be avoided at all costs.” —G.B


“Thank you for creating a space of expansiveness for those of us who spend our weeks in small spaces looking at computer screens.  Boing boing has been my weekly decompress and a chance to undo some of the damage of the week. Thank you for teaching me how to be both supported and free.” —A. Y.


“I have felt so privileged to partake of the beautiful environment you have created for all of us.”—J.H.


“I’ve been taking your class for over 20 years.  As a professional dance artist, it’s my go-to class to help me maintain cardiovascular stamina and provide me the precious time to stretch, relax and breathe deeply.”—S.E.