Workshops on Embodied Anatomy, Breathing, and Meditation. They are attended by health practitioners; yoga, pilates, and dance instructors; athletes, dancers, actors, and other people seeking a deeper relationship with their body and its wisdom.
We start from the visual reference of a human skeleton then learn to use physical sensation to locate and investigate the body’s tissues and systems. Practices for learning to embody anatomical information and function include awareness, movement exploration, visualization, and hands-on work. Everyone is welcome: useful for all levels and practices.


Embodiment Practice

Saturday May 18, 3-5:30 pm.   Cost: $40

(fee for previous participants in BMP Intensive is $15)


by cheque to

Jane Ellison

303 E. 8 Ave, Vancouver BC, V5T 1S1

or e-transfer to


Please join me for an afternoon of exploration in sensation and movement. No experience necessary, save that of living in a human body.

This is a simple yet profound practice based on awareness of sensation, using movement to sequence somatic experience through and out of the body. It’s the fundamental tool of  Susan Aposhyan’s Body-Mind Psychotherapy and if you’re considering doing her annual Vancouver Labour Day Workshop will serve as an introduction to her work.  But all are welcome—it’s a useful practice in presence and compassion for anyone interested.